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Kereon HSA Sales Kit

Thank you for trusting us, for bringing us into your valued client relationship and for allowing us to make our presentation on Consumer Driven Health Plans.  We appreciate the opportunity to serve you and your clients. If you have any questions, call us at (763) 383-4860 and we will be happy to assist you.

Sales Materials
Please take a look at these sales materials as they will serve as the foundation for much discussion by Kereon and your prospects (current customers). Most of these documents apply to the Kereon HSA/AssureCare sales process depending on whether the case is fully insured or self-funded.We would appreciate the opportunity to help you in understanding all of our information.

Kereon Request for Proposal
Please note that the "Kereon Request for Proposal" is not listed in the attached documents. This "custom blending" of a CDHP from Kereon's plan design department is requested and accessed by clicking the Broker tab, then clicking and filling out the "Kereon Request for Proposal".

Kereon HSA Sales Kit - Files to Download

Kereon HSA Executive Summary

HSA Shop... Unbundle... and Save!

Kereon HSA Debit Cards

HSA Application & Beneficiary Form

Request for CDHP Excess Loss Proposal

Stop Loss Quote Requirements

Employer Brochure

Employee Brochure

HSA Basics

Eligible Expenses 213 (d)

HSA Notice 2004-50

HSA Road Rules

HSA, HRA & FSA Issues & Answers from CAHI

Dept. of Treasury ER HSA Contributions

Dept. of Treasury HSA Brochure

All About HSAs


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